A permit for the passage of large-sized and heavy vehicles on roads, streets and railway crossings is included in the List of permitting documents in the field of economic activity. The permit is issued by the National Police of Ukraine through licensing centers. If the route passes along public roads of several regions, the carrier is obliged to coordinate it with Ukravtodor or its authorized enterprises. If the route does not go beyond one region, it is coordinated with the corresponding enterprise of Ukravtodor in the region. If the route passes through the streets of settlements, the carrier coordinates it with the owners of highways, streets and level crossings or their authorized organizations, which are responsible for the maintenance of these roads, streets and level crossings. In the event that the height of a large-sized vehicle with or without cargo from the road surface is more than 4.5 meters, the route is additionally coordinated with the services of urban electric transport, power grid, electrification, telecommunications, bridge facilities. If the dimensions of a large-sized vehicle exceed 5 meters in width, 26 meters in length, 4.5 meters in height, and the total mass of a heavy vehicle exceeds 52 tons, the route that passes through railway crossings is additionally coordinated with the distance of the railway track (state property) or by moving owners (other forms of ownership) or organizations authorized by them. If the total mass of a heavy vehicle exceeds 60 tons, the owner of roads or streets or an organization authorized by him, which is responsible for their operational maintenance, decides to conduct (at the expense of the customer) a special survey and / and testing of buildings, structures and networks on the route and if necessary, on the strengthening of artificial structures by specialized organizations that have an appropriate license for its implementation. Escort with a cover car if the width of the vehicle exceeds 3.5 m or the length of 24 m, escort with a patrol car of the National Police if the width of the vehicle exceeds 3.75 m or length 30 m.

Expiration Date

The permit specifies the validity of the permit, which is calculated depending on the number of flights, the length of the route, the total weight of the road train, the overall size of the vehicle. The maximum term for transportation is 3 months according to the law.


Fits in with the “Technical possibility of driving on public roads” issued by Ukravtodor or other owner of roads, if necessary, owners of networks, farms…

Individual № permission

Assigned when the permit is issued by the authority that issues it. Appears when scanning a QR code.

TK Parameters

They are entered according to the customer’s application and are compared with the “Technical possibility of travel” issued by Ukravtodor or others. the owner of the roads.

Escort vehicle

Indicate the make and state number of the cover vehicle provided by the customer and (or), if necessary, escort by the national police crew.

Carrier and responsible for transportation

Carrier contact details are entered according to the customer’s request.

Permission validity

The validity of the permit can be checked on the website of the National Police of Ukraine.


What does the price depend on? Here are some indicators that affect the price: No company that deals with the issuance of permits for large and heavy vehicles on roads, streets and railways, you will not find a price for this service, because each shipment is individual and depends on settings such as:

  1. Mileage (distance from point A to point B);
  2. Dimensions (Length * Width * Height);
  3. Road train weight (Tractor weight + Trawl weight + Cargo weight);
  4. Cost of support (if necessary);
  5. Route (on which roads, through which cities (toll or free), number of required additional approvals, etc.);